Prescott Arizona Winery Wine Tasting – Granite Creek Vineyards

Did you know that Arizona has 40 wineries and vineyards? Prescott and the Verde Valley are home to hundreds of acres of vineyards, farmed by five distinct wineries. Dry and high elevation weather creates Napa like climate. Most of them are family own and their productions are limited.

Over the weekend me and my husband went camping at Prescott AZ. Any where we go we try to visit wineries in that area. Granite Creek Vineyards was located just 20 minute North from Prescott. Why not try it! Granite Creek Vineyards are award winning, one of few US 100% Certified Organic wineries.

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Wine shipping state by state laws

Image by Free the grapes! What is “Wine shipping state by state laws” by the way? After I saw an article about wine shipping law by state from Wine Folly I did some research. I found a great resource from The Wine Institute. Direct Shipment Laws by State for Wineries (PDF) Common Carrier Status for…

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