After work wine from Italy

Pinnacoli Primitivo di Manduria 2008 –

Type: Primitivo / Red
Region: Puglia, Italy
Year: 2008
Price range: $$ ($15 – $30)

I call this the NOT wine. Not too dry, Not that smooth, Not a long lasting finish, however not a bad drinking wine. Not sure if this would be considered full bodied as described on the bottle. However, with all that said, this was a good wine and far from average. Pair this with a plate of brie and salami for a pleasing snack.

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Bonterra Viognier 2012

This organic vineryard, Bonterra Viognier offers golden color with white peach, citrus blossom and hint of nutty aroma. On the palate, ripe peaches, apricot and little tangy aftertaste. Its full-bodied and well made Viognier. As it stated on the label this Bonterra winery makes their wine from only organic grapes. They’ve been making organic wine long before “organic was cool”. Nowadays, we seems more and more organic wines. But what is organic wines by the way? Are they grow naturally? Are they hand picked? Are there any rules or certified?

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Civello Winery civello 2012

This Civello white wine is a blend of Pinot Gris, Verdelho, Gewurztraminer and more. This Civello 2012 offers light golden with greenish color with lots of character. Its dry but fruity, its syrupy but not sweet, little Chardonnay type of buttery but more crisp like Pinot Gris. The winemaker Mr. Ricardo d. must thought why not create a white wine from all the grapes he likes. I believe he did it and he made an excellent white blend. You can enjoy all the great flavor in one bottle. I picked this wine because it was one of weekly wine tasting list at my local wine shop. I love wine tasting at wine shops. You can try so many different wines and you can explore new wines. So, if you see wine shop offers wine tasting stop by! I can promise you that you will not regret.

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J vineyards & winery 2013 California Pinot Gris

This J vineyards & winery 2013 California Pinot Gris offers pale yellow and floral and perfume aroma. On the palate, white peach, green pear and nectarine. Also it has honey type of sweetness. I would say semi sweet side but its refreshing and no after taste. This is one of my kick back and relax wine. I prefer to have this J Pinot Gris itself. If I drink it inside I would chill it little colder than normally or put in an ice basket and bring to outside. Sip while watching sunset or chilling after hard work.

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