Salmon Run Chardonnay 2013 Finger Lakes

Salmon Run Chardonnay 2013

It’s a East Coast wine! Finally I met this fantastic East Coast Chardonnay in Arizona.
This Salmon Run Chardonnay 2013 Finger lake from NY has light straw color with crispy and tangy aroma. On the palate, hint of sweetness, green apple and last few second you taste some bitterness. The sweetness reminds me Sauvignon Blanc-ish but no edge. Its medium bodied with the sugar and acidity are well balanced. Easy to drink sipping wine. I would definitely go back to the shop “IF” the shop is close by…. I have to wait till when I go to the Phenix.

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Grans-Fassian Estate 2009 Riesling

Grans-Fassian estate is one of a top Riesling producer from the Mosel, Germany. This 2009 Riesling offers golden yellow with greenish color. Very floral and honey suckles aroma. On the palate, orange zest, salty type of mineral flavor. I did not get much of fresh fruit taste. There is hint of sweetness but its dry side. It has complex and last longing flavor. Very nice Mosel Riesling and inexpensive. From the price this should be in the fridge at all times. Works perfectly with cracker with cheese appetizer.

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Thorny Rose Columbia Valley Chardonnay 2011

We wanted no tanginess white refreshing type of wine. And this hit the spot. I mean jackpot!
Thorny Rose Columbia Valley Chardonnay offers pale yellow color with honeysuckle and apricot aroma. On the palate it is clean refreshing granny smith apple and peach flavors. Well balanced acidity and complex flavors that can be enjoyed with or without food.

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2012 Treana White

The 2012 Treana White from Hope Family Wines has very rich golden color with potent aroma. It start with jack fruit like Asian tropical fruit and hints of honey and nutty aroma. On the palate, semi dry and has hint of salty mineral taste. It’s crisp but enough complexity with long lasting finish.

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2011 Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

This 2011 Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi offers dark plum color with pleasant aromas of noticeable of coffee, blueberry and black cherry. To be surprised, I think this is the first time I smelled something similar to coffee! On the palate, a lot of black cherry, dark chocolate and black pepper with smooth texture. It has long smoky finish. I would say medium to full-bodied. Let it open up for 30 min to hour. This is one of my best Zinfandel so far. And price, yes, love it under $20.

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Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti Le Orme 2010

Type: Barbera / Red
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Year: 2010
Price range: $ (Less < $15)

Le Orme is an enticing red wine, bursting with juicy blackberry, black currant and spice flavors accented by touches of violet and mineral. Barbera’s vibrant acidic structure and easygoing tannins make it a great table red.

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Vina Eguia Rioja Reserva 2007

Type: Tempranillo / Red
Region: Rioja, Spain
Year: 2007
Price range: $ (Less < $15)

If you see this at Costco pick it up. Inexpensive Rioja wine that finishes like a $25 bottle of wine. Dark cherry, plum, vanilla and spice flavors. Rich but earthy and smooth at the same time. Clean finish, elegant enough to enjoy without a meal.

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2011 Fontana Candida Terre Dei Grifi

Blend of 50% Malvasia Bianca di Candia, 30% Trebbiano Toscano, 10% Malvasia del Lazio, 10% Greco.

A little gem in a bottle is how I would describe this 2011 Fontana Candida Terre Dei Grifi white wine. A blend of several grape varietals that together present a flowery note presented in a pale green apple appearance. pleasantly surprising earthy texture that leaves your palette clean and smooth.

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Box wine got better – Fish Eye 2013 Pinot Grigio 3L Box

This Fish Eye 2013 Pinot Grigio 3L Box just nominated to “my 2014 summer must have it in the refrigerator all the time wine”. Its under $20 and 3 bottle in one box. What else you can ask for! Its easy to drink, easy to pour, you forget how many glasses you had, and its good. It has pale yellow-green color with fresh fruit aroma. Such as lemon, white peach and guava. On the palate, zesty, refreshing, and light enough you can drink it as is. If you are looking for hot and sunny, sip next to the pool side type of wine then this is it.

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Civello Winery civello 2012

This Civello white wine is a blend of Pinot Gris, Verdelho, Gewurztraminer and more. This Civello 2012 offers light golden with greenish color with lots of character. Its dry but fruity, its syrupy but not sweet, little Chardonnay type of buttery but more crisp like Pinot Gris. The winemaker Mr. Ricardo d. must thought why not create a white wine from all the grapes he likes. I believe he did it and he made an excellent white blend. You can enjoy all the great flavor in one bottle. I picked this wine because it was one of weekly wine tasting list at my local wine shop. I love wine tasting at wine shops. You can try so many different wines and you can explore new wines. So, if you see wine shop offers wine tasting stop by! I can promise you that you will not regret.

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