2011 Justin Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon


2011 Justin Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles, CA

Year: 2011
Price range: $$ ($15 – $30)

Our friends know that we really enjoy wines and when they come across an excellent bottle of wine, we make all efforts to find that particular bottle of wine. A good friend of ours recommended this 2011 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon and it has made its way onto our dinner table more than several times. Our friend must have known that we would agree that this is a fantastic Cabernet due to the fact that the wife and I don’t always agree upon this grape varietal, which has caused some heated discussions. I can say that Justin Vineyards has saved our marriage as this is the first cab that we both can agree that taste phenomenal. She loves the spiciness and depth of black berries, currants and dark cherry flavors. I love the smoothness and long lasting complex oaky finish that pairs perfectly with a juicy steak . It comes to show that there are many things out there that will save marriages and this 2011 Justin Cab is one of those things. Now, I just need to go answer the question, was our marriage in need of saving? Guess I will need to go get another bottle.

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