2012 Treana White

2012 Treana White, Central Coast, CA

Blend: 50% Marsanne, 50% Viognier

The 2012 Treana White from Hope Family Wines has very rich golden color with potent aroma. It start with jack fruit like Asian tropical fruit and hints of honey and nutty aroma. On the palate, semi dry and has hint of salty mineral taste. It’s crisp but enough complexity with long lasting finish.

Hope Family Wines: hopefamilywines.com

I have been suffering from migraine since August. That was the reason sowiwi was very quite. I had massive headache that I never had in my life. I mean I could not able to stand up or walk. It was bad. It took me over a month to figure it out what cause it. Turn out to be I am allergic to “tomato”. I mean “THE tomato”. I have been eating tomato pasta, pizza and ketchup whole my life. I’m assuming I’m allergic to raw tomato. But I’m too afraid of trying it to see processed tomato is okay. Does anyone has tomato allergy? Are you allergic to both raw and processed tomato? Love to hear from other people how they are handling it.