Another Gewürztraminer!! Hook & Ladder Gewürztraminer vintage 2012

Hook & Ladder Gewürztraminer vintage 2012 Russian River Valley, CA

This Gewürztraminer offers pale straw color and sweet side but not sugary sweet. Ripe peach and Jackfruit aroma. Soft and mild but it has Jackfruit sweetness. Oh, what is Jackfruit? Jackfruit looks somewhat like durian. I think this is the biggest fruit I ever seen in my life. Look at the picture! (more info from Wikipedia)

If you like touch of sweetness then this Hook & Ladder Gewürztraminer is a great pick. If you prefer dry then I will recommend Navarro Vineyard Gewürztraminer. Since I had Navarro Vineyard Gewürztraminer I become a big fan of Gewürztraminer. When ever I found under $20 Gewürztraminer I will try!!

Purchased at Los Angeles Wine Co. / $16

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