Castello d’Albola Chianti Classico 2009

Castello d’Albola Chianti Classico 2009 Toscany, Italy

This Castello d’Albola Chianti Classico offers black cherry color with full of dark berries and rich spice. The palate is simple, light and fruity like blackberry, raspberry and hint of tart of blackberry. It is delicate and fresh.

Check out this video from “Castello d’Albola Winery, Casa Vinicola Zonin Estate“. One day I would LOVE to visit there. Its beautiful castle and sceneries are amazing! If you are having any Castello d’Albola wine play it while you sip.

I do like Italian Wine Label. Not like French wine its easier to understand where it from, wine type, Classification, or producer.
This is a great article from Wine Folly – How to Read Italian Wine Labels

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