Fabulous Sancerre Rosé

André Neveu “Le Grand Fricambault” Sancerre Rosé 2010 Loire Valley, France

I had this fabulous André Neveu “Le Grand Fricambault” Sancerre Rosé 2010 when I was in Seattle two years ago. I remember it was delicious, smooth, dry, and aromatic Pinot Noir rosé. Sancerre wine is one of my memorable wine. 7 years ago, when my parent visited me and my husband from Japan we took them to The Lobster in Los Angeles. My dad ordered the Sancerre white wine. I don’t remember which one. But all I remember was delicious! Of course, we had seafood dishes and it paired perfectly. It was crisp, refreshing, aromatic, it was sensation. This was one of my the best food and wine paring experience. Thanks dad!

S.C.E.V. Domaine André Neveu’s vineyards are located in Chavignol, on the silex soil of Sancerre’s hillsides.
Website: http://www.andre-neveu.fr/en/